Our Story

John Wilkinson owner & founder of 4T’s Brewery, worked as a drayman for Tetley Walkers (Warrington) and always explored the brewery grounds, from there he opened his own pub in 1998 called Wilkies Tavern which is now named The Tavern Sports Bar, which is a well-known cask ale pub in Warrington. His dream was to always start his own brewery and produce the styles of beers he loves.

Jordan Millington head brewer of 4T’s Brewery, worked at The Tavern Sports Bar since 2007 and always had a love for real ale. John gave him the opportunity to join the rising of 4T’s and he loves producing beers that everyone will love resulting in the slogan “satisfying taste buds everywhere”.

Our History



Established 4T‘s Brewery on a 0.5BBL KIT in John’s Garage.


4T’s moved premises to an industrial estate in Runcorn, Cheshire. Which also seen the increase of brew kit to 5BBL bought from Blueball Brewery.


John needed a hand as business was increasing. Taking on Jordan part time for general cleaning duties in the brewery.


Main range of 6 beers was produced Keep Calm, Wise, Stack, Loaded, Darkside, Master as we needed a main range to supply weatherspoons (which we no longer supply).




Jordan was employed full time and quickly taken on the reigns as head brewer.


The main range was cut down to 4 which Jordan decided to do also a change of the beers slightly which the beers was renamed to Pale Ale, APA, IPA, Stout. The 1st 4T’s beer had reached a final of CAMRA Champion Beer Of Cheshire “Not Too Stout Bob”.


The brewery relocated to Warrington, the move back to the home town for the pair was great and seen an increase in premise size.



The main range increased to 8 Pale Ale, APA, IPA, Stout stayed and seen the welcome addition of WSB, Pilsner, Big Bro APA, Big Daddy IPA, plus a craft range was created consisting of APA, IPA, Pilsner, Big Bro APA, Big Daddy IPA.


.Stout was announced WINNER of CAMRA Champion Beer Of Cheshire Stout Category 2017.




X2 10BBL fermentation tanks was added to the list of brewing equipment, resulting in double brew days which are common occurrence leading up to getting these 2 tanks.


A rebrand created by LemonTop was fully complete seeing a few changes to the beer names to fit in with the new style, plus the addition of 2 permanent lagers WA4 (CRAFT LAGER) & PANZER PILS (CZECH LAGER)